Air Freight

As IATA Agent with code: 91-1-0021-0014, at Smart Global Logistic, we excel in our specialization in shipments of diverse types, including perishable goods, express
cargo, general cargo, pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods (DGR), live animals, and charter flights (total and partial).

Trusting in our expertise means ensuring the safety and efficiency of your most delicate and urgent shipments.
We are committed to provide you with reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs, backed by our highly trained team dedicated to service excellence

Sea Freight

Smart Global Logistic offers comprehensive maritime transportation solutions for containerized cargo, whether in full container load or consolidated mode. Our services cover the management of dangerous goods (DGR), refrigerated and fresh cargo in reefer containers, as well as specialized logistics for oversized equipment.
With a focus on efficiency and safety, we guarantee reliable and punctual transportation for your most demanding .

Our highly trained team takes care of every detail, providing personalized advice and adapting to your specific needs. Trust us to handle your maritime shipments with the utmost professionalism and care


At Smart Global Logistic, we understand the crucial importance of customs management in the logistics chain. Therefore, we commit to support you in this sensitive stage, providing specialized legal advice for the timely clearance of your goods in accordance with current regulations.

Our expert team takes care of every detail, ensuring that your shipments meet legal requirements and clear customs smoothly. With Smart Global Logistic by your side, you can rely on an efficient and hassle-free customs process, providing you with peace of mind and security every step of the way.


We specialize in the management and transportation of oversized break bulk and oversized cargo, whether by sea, air, or land. We work with strategic partners who ensure the proper handling of this type of cargo, which often cannot be transported using conventional methods.

Thanks to meticulous and proactive planning, we ensure that your shipments are managed efficiently and safely. Trust us to handle your special cargo projects with professionalism and precision, providing you with peace of mind at every stage of the logistics process.


We offer a comprehensive storage service that includes Simple Warehousing, Cross-Docking, Picking & Packing, Inventory Control, Labelling, Packaging, and Repackaging. Our facilities are equipped with advanced technology and expert staff to ensure efficiency in managing your inventory. Whether you need storage, packing, or labelling of products, we ensure to meet the highest standards.

With Smart Global Logistic at your disposal, trust in a storage service that optimizes every step of the logistics chain, providing you with flexibility and total control over
your products at all times.

Other Services

At Smart Global Logistic, we offer you a wide range of services to contribute to your distribution chain. From the sale of international insurance to local and national transportation, including courier service, customized packaging, and any other necessary service. We are committed to provide comprehensive solutions that optimize your supply chain, ensuring safety and efficiency at every step. 
As your logistics partner, you can trust us to provide you with reliable service tailored to your specific needs.
Our experience and commitment to service excellence support us in every project.

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